As we imagine the future of Trinity in the next 150 years, we probably imagine a vital church that offers bible study, prayer groups, and mission opportunities for our people. We imagine passing on our Christian values to the next generations. We imagine serving our community.

So where do these imaginings originate, and then grow and develop into action? Often they originate in small groups through bible study, prayer and fellowship. Sunday School is a vital link in creating disciples within the church and equipping them to make disciples for Christ. Sunday School as we know it has its roots in Wesleyan class meetings.

If you haven't been to Sunday School in a while or if you haven't joined a classes, we have a place for you. Classes start at 9:45. 


Pathfinders: Teachers: Harvey Sproul, Earl Lauderdale, Bill Griffith
Literature: Adult Bible Study Series
Focus: Adult Bible study and discussion with occasional social activities.

Bobby Hicks Memorial: Teacher: Robert Maroney
Literature: Original Bible Study
Focus: Lecture oriented Bible Study for adults. Meets in the Chapel

New Vision: Teachers: Gwen and Mickey Yerger
Literature: Bible study and  contemporary religious issues with a United Methodist focus
Focus: Bible study and Christian life study and discussion for both singles and couples


Children and Youth for G.O.D. 
The first Sunday of each month children and youth gather for a time of study, fun, and food. Since our children and youth are a very important part of our church community, this ministry provides us with an opportunity to build relationships and ‘pour into’ their lives. The acronym G.O.D. – G=Give, O=Outreach, D=Disciples - describes our focus and emphasis

Invite! Invite! Invite! ALL children and youth are invited to join us for this special time together. Also, Pray! Pray! Pray! For our children and youth that God will protect them, bless them and make His presence known to them.


 Children’s Church is offered again on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month during our morning worship service.

Nursery-PreSchool: Teacher Wilma Bickers
We offer a nursery and pre-school class as needed.