Photo Appointments May 7 & 8

The Portrait Café company, headquartered in Cleveland, TN, will be at Trinity in May to take photographs for our new PICTORIAL DIRECTORY.  We need to have a picture of EVERYONE POSSIBLE. Each family photographed will receive one free 8x10 photo and a directory. You will have the opportunity to purchase other sizes of photos, and you can choose your own background. All photos in the directory will have a neutral background, but you can choose mountains, lakes, etc., for the pictures you purchase. 

MAY 7th (Sunday) and MAY 8th (Monday) are our days. You can sign up for a photo slot online at Portrait Cafe. OR call Sandra Guinn at 986-9660 and she will logon and reserve your slot. RESERVE EARLY to get your preferred time. 

How to Make an Appointment Online

Click on this link to Portrait Cafe.
Choose a date, then choose a time for your photography appointment.
You do not have to enter your address or a user name & password but you must enter an email address.

***IMPORTANT***  When on the website to schedule an appointment, an email address is required to go to the next page and confirm the appointment, so anyone who doesn't have an email address will use ours: 

Please complete the following information:
--First and last name
--Number of people in your group
--Phone number(s)
--Email address. If you do not have an email address, please enter ours--

***Click PROCEED to continue making your appointment**

Click “Make Appointment”
You will receive a confirmation number.
You will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email/phone call to remind you of your appointment.

If you would like to set an appointment by phone, please call us at:
1-877-896-9667 ext. 359

or contact Sandra Guinn at 986-9660.

Thank you for your participation, and remember to smile!