The Trinity United Methodist Chancel Choir is a diverse and wonderful group of folks that have fun while serving their church every week. The LOYAL and FAITHFUL choir members that make this group work so well! They welcome newcomers!

The music ministry at Trinity reflects the serving nature of the choir members who faithfully attend Wednesday evening rehearsals and unfailingly come on Sunday to praise God through music. Our excellent accompanists are Cindy Rausin and Walter Hines.

Our choir favors the traditional heritage of United Methodist hymns and anthems. Charles Wesley, Isaac Watts, Lowell Mason and Fanny Crosby are well-represented composers in our selections, plus we sing the music of modern choral composers as well.

Also part of Trinity's music ministry is the Handbell Choir, a small but dedicated group that plays at Christmas, Easter, and several other times throughout the year. The handbells add a special touch to our service when they perform.

Today's Music at Trinity

Warren Clark

Music Director

Dear Lord,
Grant that what we sing with our lips,
We may believe in our hearts;
And what we believe in our hearts,
We will practice in our lives.