Three Adult Classes are available at Trinity on Sunday mornings from 9:45 AM – 10:30 a.m.. Please enter from 2nd Avenue to reach any of these. All ages and genders are welcome in any class – some classes are lectures and some are discussion.

  • New Vision meets on the 3rd floor and is a discussion class with a leader. 
  • Pathfinders meets behind the Sanctuary on the 2nd floor. They follow the Adult Bible Study series with a leader and class discussion. 
  • Bobby Hicks' Memorial Class meets in the Chapel on the 2nd floor and is a Bible Lecture class. 

Sunday School plays an important part in the lives of adult believers as well as children and youth.

Believers who gather together and stay in close touch encourage one another in their relationship to Christ.

An active and vibrant Bible study class will challenge you to become more proficient in God's Word.

Knowing one another (people's names, their family members, and occupations) will lead you to be more apt to pray and care for those families and encourage them in times of need.

A special feeling bubbles within when a person joins with others to help someone in need, to offer hope, or to pray for others.

Adult believers build on past experiences and knowledge as they strengthen their faith by continuing in their Christian education.

A Trinity Group For You

Sunday School:

Please check back when we are able to meet onsite again.