“Disciples making Disciples to share the Love of Jesus Christ with our community and the world.”


Mission of Trinity United Methodist Church is to, individually and collectively, be disciples of Jesus Christ who know him, grow in him, serve him and share his good news with others.”

​Sunday School is . . . 

  • An opportunity to encounter God through Scripture and Study 
  • Discipleship and Relationship 
  • Connecting with Jesus and Connecting with People 
  • Knowing Jesus and Learning What God expects from us 
  • Connecting to God by sharing our spiritual needs and Bringing new people into fellowship and relationship. 
  • Developing deeper spiritual understanding and Developing deeper friendships 
  • Learning how Biblical lessons help us in everyday life and Having fun with friends. 

November 29, 9:45 – Come See What It's All About!

Core Beliefs

We fulfill the purpose of the church when we follow Jesus' command to love God with all our hearts and love our neighbor as ourselves. Therefore, we strive to follow the examples of the early disciples as described in Acts 2 as we:

Praising God through music, proclaiming his word as revealed in scripture, offering our prayers of thanksgiving and supplication, receiving Holy Communion;

Welcoming others into our community of believers, offering fellowship and friendship for believers, praying for one another, knowing and being known by our neighbors;

*Grow in Faith
Studying scripture, and church tradition, participating in classes and small groups, engaging in Holy conversation with other believers;

*Serve and Give
Giving generously of our time, talent and resources to identify and meet needs within our fellowship and in our community;

*Share Jesus
Spreading the good news of Jesus by all available means, inviting strangers into our fellowship.

"A disciple is one who knows Christ, is growing in Christ, serving Christ, and sharing Christ." 

Principles of Intentional Discipleship

Intentional Discipleship