We offer opportunities to socialize and exercise our minds, bodies, and spirits through various activities such as 

  • Wednesday Night Dinners 
  • Excursions and Day Trips 
  • Mission Projects 
  • Bible Study 
  • Youth and Children’s Activities 
  • Music Ministry Groups 
  • Trinity Cooks


United Methodist Church

300 W Second Ave, Lenoir City, TN 37771

Our faith community welcomes you and your family.  We have been serving Christ and Lenoir City since 1867. Our church offers an opportunity to meet and worship with new friends and old, find family activities and build new relationships.

Rev Kristie Banes 


Sunday School/Small Group          9:45

Choir Rehearsal                            10:30

Worship Service                           11:00

​Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

October already?! It is hard to believe that we are already to the month of October. Please keep your calendars close as we have several additional activities this month including the celebration of World Communion Sunday, Children’s Sabbath where our children will be leading worship, Fred and Libby Dearing- Missionaries from South Sudan, and Charge Conference. We will continue with our studies, Wednesday dinners and Friday morning pray- ers. I hope you will make every effort to join us as we continue to be disciples of Jesus Christ sent into the world to share the Good News.

YOU are invited to participate in Pray31: A Month of Prayer for America during the month of October. We are coming together in one accord seeking God and asking for His intervention. You will be given a daily prayer guide/atlas that provides prayer focuses for our nation, our leaders, our military, and all 50 states leaders, churches and fellow believers. We are in a season of great challenges in our nation and our first response needs to be prayer. Join me and Christians around our nation as we seek God and lift our nation before Him in pray- er. One nation under God...

I have found one of the most sought after resources is TIME. We only have so much time (24 hours/day) and yet, it seems we don’t have any time. We don’t have time for the things we want to do, or the things we should do, or the things we have to do. Perhaps we need to incorporate free time into a day in which we already have limited time for God Moments. Yes, God Moments! He wants to interact with you throughout your day and if you don’t even take a moment to breathe, you may miss Him. In the busyness of life, I encourage you to take time...take time to invite someone to church, take time to listen to a stranger, take time to see those around you, take time to know God and rest in His presence. Take Time! You will be amazed where He meets you. 

Love in Christ, 
Pastor Kristie 

Large enough to serve, Small enough to care