Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ! 
       February is upon us and our attention turns to LOVE. The world is focused on sweethearts, engagement rings, candy, candlelight dinners, etc.; better known as ‘romantic love.’ It is a time for us, as Christians, to focus on LOVE as well; our LOVE for God and our neighbors. Perhaps this year, during the month of February, we will focus on the kingdom principle of LOVE. So ask yourself these questions: How can I deepen my relationship with God by loving Him more and actually receiving His love out of His grace and mercy for me? And, in what ways can I better live into ‘loving my neighbor as myself’? You are greatly loved by God, therefore, let us greatly love our God and our neighbors! 
       As you focus on LOVE this month, it is the perfect opportunity to prepare for our next liturgical season, LENT. This is a ‘fast’ season where we are encouraged to deny ourselves in some form or fashion and spend that time or at least more time in prayer. As Easter is a ‘feast’ season and to truly appreciate it, I encourage you to experience Lent through prayer and fasting. Prayer and fasting is an essential part of our lives as Christians. You find examples of God’s people and the early church often engaging in prayer and fasting. There is something special about participating in both that touches God’s heart in a special way. 
       And notice, they are almost always connected together. In Joel 2:12-17, we read our Lord’s “Call to Repentance” which includes ‘turning to God with all your heart, fasting, rending (tearing) your heart not your clothes’...Why? Because God is ‘gracious, merciful, slow to anger and of great kindness.’…We are called to ‘Blow the trumpet…Consecrate a fast.…’ In Matthew’s Gospel, in the middle of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, He too, talks of prayer and fasting. “…But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly….’ And, ‘…Moreover when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, so you do not appear to men to be fasting, but to your Father who in the secret place; and your father who sees in secret will reward you open-ly.” (Matthew 6:5-7, 16-18). As the season of LENT begins with Ash Wednesday on March 1st, it is never too early to seek guidance from God on how best to deepen our faith through prayer and fasting. 

       It is time my brothers and sisters to engage in the deeper and higher things of God. May God continue to bless you, reveal Himself to you and draw you ever closer to Him. 

Trinity - a Five-Star Church

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United Methodist Church

300 W Second Ave, Lenoir City, TN 37771


Sunday School/Small Group          9:45

Choir Rehearsal                            10:30

Worship Service                           11:00

Rev. Kristie Banes


We offer opportunities to socialize and exercise our minds, bodies, and spirits through various activities such as 

  • Wednesday Night Dinners 
  • Excursions and Day Trips 
  • Mission Projects 
  • Bible Study 
  • Youth and Children’s Activities 
  • Music Ministry Groups 
  • Trinity Cooks

Our faith community welcomes you and your family.  We have been serving Christ and Lenoir City since 1867. Our church offers an opportunity to meet and worship with new friends and old, find family activities and build new relationships.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Kristie