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My Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ! 

      Hot! Hot! Hot! I believe aptly describes our current weather pattern. It is hard to believe that it is August and time to shift our focus from summer vacations and summer staycations to back-to-school decisions (in-class or virtual) and planning for our fall church activities. As we already know, our church worship, church activities, and church ministries will be different this year. What does that look like for us? Here at Trinity, we will continue to do what we have been doing by waiting until there is a decrease in COVID cases to reopen for worship. We have protocols in place that have been approved to gather for in-house worship and we will continue to video our services each week, whether we are in-house worshipping and/or staying at home. Just know that God is with us! 

     For some of you, you may have been challenged during the past few months to remain faithful in study, prayer, and worship. It may be hard to focus because of anxiety, fear and uncertainty of what is going on in our community, nation and world.

  • First, I encourage you to turn off the television and social media, especially the News, and shift your focus to God (Yahweh).
  • Second, begin by unloading all your concerns, fear and anxiety and give them to God. Just give them ALL to Him…anger, frustration, hurts, betrayals whether or not it is part of the pandemic. He is a great listener!
  • Third, sit quietly, without distraction (if you find your mind wandering, just shift your focus back to God) and you listen for the small still voice that comes into your mind, perhaps a picture or feeling. Just wait! He will respond! Continue to gently turn your focus back to God.
  • Fourth, once you have waited quietly (at least 5 minutes), shift to an attitude of worship…offering prayers of thanksgiving and praise, sing or recite a hymn and/or Psalm.
  • And last, you may go back to the things you have to do, however, continue to UNPLUG for at least a couple of hours by just resting in His presence. 

     See if this makes a difference in your struggle to focus during this very chaotic time. Trust in the Father! Trust in Jesus! Trust in the Holy Spirit! My brothers and sisters, this is called the Discipline of UNPLUGGING. It is a wonderful way to release those things that bind us and shift our focus from the world to God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Continue to read the Psalms if you have trouble focusing on a particular book or study. If you need a place to reengage, I encourage you to read Ephesians, James or 1 John for a great place to start. 

     I will end with an FYI--I will be out of the church office August 10th for prep, with surgery on the 11th, and recovery the following two to three weeks. Nothing major, just working on preventative for future breast cancer concerns. Jane will lead worship and bring the weekly message and Stephanie is in the office should you need anything. Please feel free to contact me on my cell phone, text, email or Facebook. God is good! And as always, He goes before us! 

     May God our Provider, Jesus our Shepherd and the Holy Spirit our Transformer continue to guide and lead us, protect us, watch over us and give us Peace! Shalom!         
          Love and Light in Christ,

             Pastor Kristie

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