Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The month of June brings with it hot days and warm nights, vacations, Father’s Day, conferencing and the best, at least according to our children, schools out for the summer. As we enter into our activity-packed summers, I encourage you to spend time with your children, not just going to ball games and scheduled activities, but as a family doing fun things together. Our lives are soooo busy, we forget sometimes the importance of building relationships within our own families. Summer is the perfect time to do so. 

June is also the month that celebrates Annual Conference. For many, it is a time where appointments are set and the possibility of change in pastoral appointment is the focus. However, John Wesley considered Christian conferencing as a “means of grace.” For Wesley, it was a means in which we receive grace from God and is just as important as reading and studying scripture, prayer, fasting, the Sacrament of Holy Communion… Annual conference is more than just reading reports, voting on issues and setting appointments. It is a time of celebration, reflection, prayer and worship, and most of all, experiencing God’s grace as a community of believers. Therefore, Annual Conference is more than just another business meeting, it is an opportunity to come together and to receive and experience God’s grace.

Then, we will be remembering and honoring our Fathers the third Sunday in the month. Take time to reflect upon your father’s guidance, his faithfulness to family and to God and then respond in a prayer of thanksgiving for the love shown to us by our fathers in so many different ways. 

Enjoy the warm weather and starry nights. Take and make time for your families. More importantly, don’t forget to take and make time for God. Spend time in prayer…in meditation…in worship…in study. Spend time with God. 

May you be kept safely in the arms of God while you vacation, travel and play this summer. 


Our faith community welcomes you and your family.  We have been serving Christ and Lenoir City since 1867. Our church offers an opportunity to meet and worship with new friends and old, find family activities and build new relationships.

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Worship Service                           11:00

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Rev. Kristie Banes

Love in Christ,

Pastor Kristie

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We offer opportunities to socialize and exercise our minds, bodies, and spirits through various activities such as 

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