Welcome to the Christian New Year as we enter into the season of Advent, the time of “preparation.” Advent comes from the Latin 'aventus' which means ‘coming, getting ready, preparing’. I can’t help but think of ALL the ways we ‘prepare’ for the ‘holy days’ (from which the word ‘holiday’ is derived). We prepare cakes and cookies for family and friends. We pre-pare by buying and wrapping gifts to be given and exchanged. We prepare by decorating our homes and offices to reflect holiday cheer. We prepare by… You get the idea. We are in the state of “preparation.”
     Advent is also the time of year when we focus on those less fortunate than ourselves. We are more generous with our money and time. It is the one time of year we see each other with love, acceptance and compassion. More like God sees each of us, no matter who we are, what we have done, or where we have been.
     While we are in the middle of the hustle and bustle of this ‘holy day’ season, let us remember to take time to prepare and celebrate the real reason for the season, the birth of our Savior, Jesus. It was a time of hustle and bustle for Mary and Joseph as well, traveling to Bethlehem for the census with Mary extremely pregnant.
     One of my favorite lines in the Bible is “Mary took all the things that happened and pondered them in her heart” (paraphrased by me). We, too, need to take the time to “ponder” the story and miracle of Christmas. We need to ponder the awesome love of God to send His Son to be among us to teach us and save us. We need to ponder “why” we spend so much time in preparing for the secular holidays and not the “holy days” of the season. We simply need to take the time to “ponder.”
     And, we need to ‘prepare’ ourselves and offer Jesus Christ to all we meet, as we look forward with excitement and anticipation for His second coming.
     Eric and I wish each of you a happy “holy day” season as you celebrate the birth of our Savior. May you enjoy much love and laughter as you come together with family and friends this Christmas.

Sending our love and blessings to you and yours,

         November ushers in the season of Thanksgiving. As the temperatures become cold, we find our houses are warm; as we celebrate the harvest, we find our tables laden with food; and as we celebrate thanksgiving, we find that our lives have been truly blessed. Take time each day this month and give thanks to God for a special blessing he has blessed you with this year. By the end of the month you will have given thanks for at least thirty different blessings. Just know that He has blessed you with many more.
          As we remember and give thanks for our many blessings, let us also remember those who may not have laden tables by sup- porting our local Good Samaritan Thanksgiving Baskets project. Each basket costs $25. Good Sam gave away 600 baskets last year, indicating that there is a great need in our community.
          We will begin this month by celebrating the lives of our beloved Saints with our All Saints Sunday service to be held on November 5th during our morning worship. We will be remembering our loved ones who have join the “so great a cloud of witnesses” this past year.
          We end the month and the Christian year by celebrating Christ the King Sunday. After which, we will begin to prepare for and enter into the holy season of Advent.
         November is truly a month of Thanksgiving. May God continue to richly bless you and yours in all that you do. May He watch over you and protect you as you travel and journey to be with family and friends. And, may He always guide and direct you to bring you into a closer relationship with Him. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

November 5 - All Saints Sunday - Meet & Greet

November 19 - Charge Conference at Central UMC

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